In lead or principal roles, our attorneys have recovered more than $500 million in commercial litigation and class action settlements and verdicts.

Over 45 years ago, Andrews Law Group P.A. pioneered the use of class actions in antitrust and securities litigation, and since then, has expanded the use of class actions in the fields of consumer, employment, environmental and insurance litigation, as well as in the areas of civil and human rights. Now in our fifth decade representing investors, businesses, consumers, employees and property owners, our team have continued to grow into new areas. We can help your company succeed with its high-stakes commercial litigation. We represent whistleblowers who have identified fraud against the government. We also can represent you or your company individually or as an opt-out in class actions brought by others, and make sure that your financial interests are protected.

Nationally Known Attorneys

Andrews Law Group is a full-spectrum civil litigation firm, with nationally known attorneys highly sought after for their legal skills. Throughout the United States, federal courts, state courts, and legal peers have recognized our lawyers for their ability, agility and decades of experience in handling major complex litigation in Antitrust; Commercial Litigation; Commodities & Financial Instruments; Consumer Protection; Credit Reporting and Background Checks; Defective Drugs & Medical Devices; Defective Products; Employee Benefits & ERISA; Employment & Unpaid Wages; Environment & Public Health; Government Representation; Insurance Fraud; Predatory Lending and Borrowers’ Rights; Securities & Investor Protection; Technology, Privacy & Data Breach; and Whistleblowers, Qui Tam & False Claims Act matters.

Precedent-Setting Cases

Few if any United States plaintiffs’ law firms have Andrews Law Groups breadth of practice or can match our successful track record in such a broad array of civil litigation practice areas, including numerous precedent-setting cases in which we played a lead role. Since 1976, our firm has focused all of its energy on protecting the rights of our clients and litigating complex cases to a successful conclusion. We invite you to contact us about your litigation matter. We look forward to providing you with further information about our firm.

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